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Bully Points Standings APBT Points Standings
BBC APBT Points Standings

BBC APBT Points Standing

Dogs Name Points Best of Sex Wins BIS wins Ch. Wins Gr.Ch. Wins
Blevin's Little Sun.....Bill & Susan Blevins 45 1      
Bluegrass' Oreo 25        
Bogieman's Elvis 15        
Bootleg's Mace 10        
Brown's Arashi Red Warrior 60 1      
CH. Brown's Little Boy Baloo     Troy & Lisa Brown          
Butler's Desert Storm 25        
Butler's Easy Rider 10        
Butler's Jagged Edge 50   2    
Cole's Gator 5        
Condra's Bulldozer     Mike Burnett 35 1 1    
Corbin's Spazmatic         Chris Corbin 20        
CH. Crash              Lisa Brown          
CH. Dale's X General Patton's Bruiser   Cody Burnett       1  
Dixie War Dog's Ol' Man            Mary Luther 35 1 1    
Falin's Black Witch Hazel 35        
GR. CH. Falin's Blue Thunder      Eddie Falin          
Falin's Bull Dozer      Chris & Christie Connelly 20        
Falin's Comanche 55 1 1    
Falin's Dixie Vixen       Chris Layne 10        
Falin's Liza's Spring Rain    Steve Webb 10        
Falin's Lobo       Kieth Moore 20        
Falin's Red Ruby      Eddie Falin 20        
Falin's Storm Cloud on the Horizon   Steve Webb 35        
Falin's Taz       Richard Butler 15        
Fit to be Tied             Tom Israela Katz 10        
Five Killer                  Bill Blevins 5        
G.C's Rowdy               Bil Blevins 10        
Gritmaker's Rhino       Ben Gritzmaker 5        
Hayes' Lu-Lu               Joshua Hayes 10        
Jay's Ace in the hole      Jason Damoth 5        
Jay's Margarita               Jason Damoth 20        
Kenny's Dazzleing Diamond     Kenneth Scott 30        
Kenny's Doomsday                 Kenneth Scott 45   1    
Kirby's Manny 25        
Kroger's Once N A Blue Moon 10        
Kroger's Snow Cap Icesis 15        
Majik's all eyes on me of RCK   Nikki Benach & Kathy Morgan 5        
Molone's Chief Red T          Bryan Clements 20        
Me Too Cosmic       Troy & Lisa Brown 65 2      
Mohan's Oscar 5        
Moore's Sassy Girl     Richard Butler 15        
Newland's Vicky Tee Fire 20        
Newland's Two Chi Blue 10        
Paul's Buster Bad Boy Brown    Paul McGinnis 15        
Pop's Yesca 15        
Price's Red Pepper        Mitchell Price 15        
Simmon's Blue Jax        Nikki Benach 5        
Simmon's Brody            Kenny Simmons 10        
Smith's Bass Ass Buck       Jimmy Smith 5        
Stites' Heavy Duty Tzr 20        
Stone Kolds Frasier Bo 15        
Timmon's Whipper Wheel 15        
Timmon's Orvil 15        
Titan's Blue Snapper        Cody Burnett 20        
'2' Marb Buddie               David Franklin 30        
Rethune's Savanna's Sun       Bill Blevin's 35 1      
GR. CH. Wilk's Black Mamba          
Willitt's Rudy 15        
Wood's Silk 15        
Dogs Name Points Best of Sex Wins BIS wins Ch. Wins Gr.Ch. Wins