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Johnson/Bully Standard Scott Standard APBT Standard Catch Dog Standard Olde Bulldogge Standard

Southern Catch Dog Standard


Ol’ Southern Catch Dog

General Description:  The “Ol’ Southern Catch Dog” should be a powerful and Athletic dog between 50 and 90 lbs in weight. In this breed any color is acceptable but white is the dominant one. They are specifically bred from the most exceptionally proven catch dogs. Their main objective is always to excel in their ability to catch and hold Hogs and Cattle.

Head:  Proportional to body, square and broad; muzzle should be wide and short to medium in length with muscular jaws.

Bite:  Scissor bite or slightly under shot bite is acceptable.

Eyes:  Round or almond shape, wide set; any color acceptable.

Nose:  Wide nostrils for free breathing, any color acceptable.

Neck:  Well muscled and thick blending into very muscular fore limbs.

Chest:  Squared in proportion to body. Should come down to meet with elbows. The ribs should have a spring to them in order to allow heavy air intake.


Should have a slight arch with a high tail set and be well muscled above the shoulders.

Legs:  The “OL’ SOUTHERN CATCH DOG” should have legs to them without being lanky. Good bone mass; front legs should be straight and not turned out at feet or elbows. Rear legs should present a powerful appearance and posses a lot of strength. Should not be cow hocked or straight stifled.

Feet:  Compact round and the pasterns should be strong. Also feet should have noticeable webbing between toes.

Height Males 20 inches to 25 inches. Females 18 to 23 inches.

Weight:  Males 60 to 90 lbs, Females 50 to 80 lbs.

Color:  Any color is acceptable

Ears:  Natural or cropped is acceptable

Tail:  Naturally reaches the hock or may be docked.

Use:  The main purpose of this breed of bulldogs is to catch wild hogs and cattle. It is also useful as a guard dog, family protector, and makes a great & loyal pet.

Temperament:  The “OL’ SOUTHERN CATCH DOG” should not be overly aggressive with man and/or preferably with dogs. They should be tolerant of children of all ages. They should be brave, confident, determined and extremely courageous but not hostile. The “OL’ SOUTHERN CATCH DOG” should portray the willingness to give up his own life for the task asked of him.

Written by Robert Strickland and Tico V.

                                                                                                                                                 January 19, 2006